Regi's enthusiasm always evident in that she was as much on the lookout to take a fine picture as any of the students in the group."   

The places selected, the explanations of what we were about to visit, the arrangements made for each day, history ‘lessons’, meal suggestions. 

All well thought out and interesting.                                                     

Photo Critiques during the trip were rewarding – reviewing my selection of 40 or 50 images to find the few good ones ....Oh that’s beautiful, I was in the same spot and didn’t see it that way ....or….No that doesn’t work at all, next time try to…or…Here if you crop it this way it will be much less cluttered…or … in that situation you need to open the aperture for a more interesting depth of field….or … how do you ever find anything in LightRoom with the way you import images….

The hotel and location were very cool.  Hotel very modern – solar energy, organic food, bees and hives for fresh honey. Modern European attitude.  Location was great. Two blocks to the tram (tram pass provided with the trip) and I could travel around the city easily.


Street photography was one of the topics of the trip and something I had real interest in.  Sometimes a picture had to be taken ‘on the fly’, without preparation.  I learned some techniques to make this more successful. Other situations involved gaining cooperation from the subject.  That was more challenging but I think more fun.  Talking with the guy in the food truck, buying what he was selling, asking for a picture.  Or chatting with the guys playing a version of bocce in the square near the museum, then having their permission to shoot while they played.

 - Paul Kruis , Fall 2018

Vienna and its outskirts were the classroom. The photography part, helmed by Regi, brought about insights one could have missed.

What an amazing city in which to learn and practice! In addition, we were able to explore varying environments, from city streets to monasteries to the wind blown Alps. Fresh air and exercise to boot! Coupled with critiques of our work and visits to photography exhibitions in galleries, this was a comprehensive, totally enjoyable, immersive experience thanks to Regi.  


Jessica was an impressive fountain of knowledge. Having lived in Vienna for 6 yrs, she was a god-send when it came to knowing which trains and street cars to take when we excitedly ventured out on our own. She made us feel so confident. And, a whiz at the history of Vienna, answering countless of our questions. The accommodations she found for us were spot on!!!!! The really cool hotel was organic, solar powered, had its own bees and hive, with the most lovely of courtyards. And, only a 2 block walk from the street car! (and, their breakfast was crazy good!)


One of my favorite parts was being able to relax. We traveled pretty leisurely nearly everywhere we went. Lingering over a "let's stop here to eat" meal was heaven. Good conversation, good food and wine (the vineyards were particularly wonderful) - such a respite from the daily hectic life at home. A good reminder to stop and smell the roses (you might be missing a good photo op!


 - Lorrie Gunn , Jan 2019


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