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Student work - Angie. Y

Art Portfolio Program
(Former NYSA Art Portfolio Program)

Our Art Portfolio Program (the former NYSA Portfolio Program) is available to all high school students, providing an opportunity to prepare an art portfolio after regular school hours, regardless of whether they are enrolled at ViennArt Academy. This program help students develop and build a distinctive portfolio for art college admissions and university supplementary materials. ViennArt portfolio classes offer real-time feedback from our faculty, ensuring the creation of portfolios of the highest quality.

Open to all high school students. Build your portfolio and reach your dream school.

New to this program:
Returning Students:

What We Teach

Our program offers a comprehensive curriculum that covers essential art foundations, including drawing, painting, sculpture, and mixed-media work. In addition to these basics, we provide major-specific classes such as digital illustration, animation, game design, graphic design, and fashion design. 

Our Achievements

100 %

Acceptance Rate

100 %

Scholarship Rate


Scholarship Received


Our students have excelled in national art competitions such as Scholastic Art & Writing and Celebrating Art, earning numerous prestigious awards across various categories and mediums. Their exceptional talents shine through captivating visual narratives and evocative brush strokes, solidifying their place among the brightest talents in the artistic community.

"They’re so invested in helping you attain your goals while still allowing you to be independent and self driven. It’s honestly like a family here."

-Leslie L. (CMU)

Student Work Gallery

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