Our two leaders were a perfect match.  Both knew the area. 

Jessica was a fabulous cultural hostess. Regula, the photography instructor, a total expert, available any time for real-time advice.

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I had the most marvelous time on this photo tour. I met some wonderful people. It wouldn't have been such a marvelous experience if it weren't for Regi and Jessica. Fun and knowledgeable, it was an absolute treat to be part of this photo tour. Thank you, ladies!!!!         (read more)  



Daily Photo Walks

min 4 - max 8 participants

Critiques and Creative Input

Guided Excursions

Alpine Adventure

Creative Free Time

German Lessions

9 Nights Boutique

Hotel w/ Breakfast

Trendy Neighborhood

Plenty Time for Cafés 

Summer 2020 Tour:
June 19 - 28

 2020 Tour Dates

Early Registration Deadline

($500 Down Payment)

Full Payment or
Outstanding Balance Due

Pre-Departure Extras:

Basic German Lessons

Cultural Awareness

Equipment consultation

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